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The Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) was established on December 31, 1978, in affiliation with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) of China. As a national non-profit research institution for environmental protection, CRAES conducts major innovative and fundamental researches on environmental protection for the sustainable development of the country. Committed to providing strategic, forward-looking and overall scientific and technological support for economic and social development as well as environmental decision-making, and serving for the technological and consultative needs of major environmental issues, CRAES has played an important role in the sustainable development strategy and environmental protection causein China.


Focusing on the central tasks of MEE, CRAES has 31 departments and institutions, including four national research platforms, namely National Joint Research Center for Tackling Key Problems in Air Pollution Control (NAPC), National Joint Research Center for Yangtze River Conservation (NCYC), State Key Laboratory of Environmental Criteria and Risk Assessment, and National Engineering Laboratory for Lake Pollution Control and Ecological Restoration.Also, CRAES has dozens of ministerial key laboratories, engineering centers and field stations. There are 5 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), 4 specially appointed academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and CAE, 24 researchers with nationaltalents honorary titles, 180 researchers at professor level and 218 at associate professor level.


China is actively participating in the reform and construction of the global governance system and promoting the building of a community of shared future for mankind. Under the unprecedented major changes in today’s world, China is dedicated to work together with other countries and international community to build a sound global eco-environment, deeply involve in global environmental governance, contributing the Chinese approach for global environmental protection and sustainable development.


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In order to fully play the role of “research engine”, and to promote research on global ecological and environmental issues, we nowopen recruitment of excellent talents at home and abroad.




1. Head of research team onglobal environmental issues (1)


2. Research assistants (2-3)


(Ideals shorten the distance into the future)


II. Job Description


1. Head of research team on global environmental issues:

· To closely monitor and accurately grasp the development trend and dynamics of global environmental issues;

· To focus on comprehensive strategic planning and foresightstrategic arrangement, give full play to the role of “think tank for strategic research on global ecological and environmental issues”

· To carry out forward-looking and strategic study into major global ecological and environmental issues, and make predictions on future cooperation prospect accordingly;

· To make overall planning for the research of global environmental issues based on scientific principles and provide suggestions on methods and measures for China to be deeply involved in global environmental governance;

· To actively organize, plan and undertake major research projects on environmental policy in CRAES and the related key state projects;

· To carry out high-level academic exchanges and cooperative research with world renowned research institutions, universities and enterprises; actively cultivate young talents.


2. Research assistant:

· To focus on hotspot environmental issues and cutting-edge scientific issues of global concern

· To carry out research on global ecological and environmental issues;

· To assist research on major policies and strategic planning;

· To make in-depth analysis on the international experience and methods of environmental issues, and to propose suggestions on strategic development and related policies in the light of China’s conditions.


(Shining blossom reveals the greatness in the ordinary)


III. Qualifications


(1) Head of Research Team


1. Strong sense of political integrity, moral character, academic ethics and professionalism;


2. Presided overhigh-level research projects and have achievements in related fields recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts;


3. Ph.D. Degree, associate professorand above. Majored in public policy, international relations, environmental science, environmental management or related.


4. Familiar with Party and state policies, know clearly the national conditions and international rules, withhold world-wide vision, and be skillful in English.;


5. Certain management experience, strong leadership skill, and have overall thinking, strategic vision, and forward-looking consciousness.


(2) Research Assistant


1. Be ingood health, excellent in study and morality, has scientific and rigorous attitude, good communication and coordination skills, good team work spirit and professionalism, and with no bad records;


2. Master’s degree or above in public policy, environmental sciences, environmental management, orrelevant field. Priority given to Ph.D. Degrees in public policy;


3. Solid professional foundation, be able to independently undertake policy research, and capable of write professional research and analysis reports in both Chinese and English;


4. Strong skills in spoken and written English;


5. Good sense of teamwork and skills of communication and coordination.


(When the ray of sun hits the reality of life, there is the hope of dreams)


IV. Salary


1. Head of Research Team: as a special research position, the salary is determined in reference to that for similar posts in China in the light of the principle of one discussion over one matter.


2. Research Assistant: the salary is determined in accordance with the relevant national regulations of China and CRAES regulations.


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V. Contact

联系人: 张亚

Contact: Zhang Ya




Email: renshichu@craes.org.cn


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